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Discover in a local way the tallest pyramids in Mexico, only 50 km away of Mexico City. Teotihuacan was built by one of the most fascinating civilizations of the ancient era. Enjoy hidden places, climb the temples of the Sun and the Moon and let yourself be surprised by its wonderful architecture.

This tour includes:


- Transportation (public buses)
- Entrance to the archaeological zone
- Guide all the way

In this tour you will know:

- La calzada de los muertos

- Río San Juan

- La Ciudadela 

- Pirámide dedicada a Quetzatcoatl

- Pirámide del Sol

- Pirámide de la Luna

- Palacio de Quetzalpapalotl

- Patio de los jaguares  and more

* We don't stop at any restaurants please bring your own lunch

* We recommend you bring water, some snacks, comfortable shoes, sun screen  


800 MX


Don't forget to write a Whatsapp number that you will be using during your trip

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