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11:00 hrs.

A free walking tour to walk streets full of art nouveau and déco history and architecture in one of the first modern neighborhood of Mexico City: Rome. You will enjoy La Condesa, a neighborhood created in the twenties and considered one of the greenest in the city. Two iconic neighborhood of Mexico City that you can enjoy with us.


Walk with us and know:

- La Romita

- Iglesia de la Sagrada Familia

- Plaza Río de Janeiro

- Museo del Objecto

- Mercado Roma

- Parque Mexico

- Casa del libro UNAM

- Plaza Popocatepetl

- Casa de las Brujas

- Fuente de David and more     

This Free Walking Tour is based on tips

15:00 hrs.

Don't forget to write a Whatsapp number that you will be using during your trip

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