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11:00 hrs


Explore the city of angels with us. Puebla is one of the most famous colonial cities in Mexico for its cultural richness. In our Free Walking Tour you will stroll through bohemian streets filled with baroque architecture and exquisite worldwide recognized cuisine and you will also discover places off the beaten path.

In this tour you will know:

- Catedral

- Capilla del Rosario

- Biblioteca Palafoxiana

- Analco

- Barrio del artista

- Calle del dulce

- Museo de la Revolución Mexicana

- Iglesia de San Francisco

- Los sapos 

- El Parián

- Santo Domingo and more...   

This Free Walking Tour is based on tips

Don't forget to write a Whatsapp number that you will be using during your trip

16:00 hrs

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