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800 MX

20:00 hrs. TUESDAY

Lucha libre is the most iconic show in the city of Guadalajara; however, the heart and fun are found in the audience. Join us, and we'll take you to experience this event the right way, in a grand celebration with the locals!

We will start this tour by learning a bit about how lucha libre is lived in Guadalajara, delving into the Analco neighborhood. Upon arriving at the Arena, we will meet the local fans and start the party with them. We will toast and get ready for the main event.


During the lucha libre show, we will join the fans in their chants and shouts directed at both the wrestlers and other spectators, experiencing this event in the most authentic way. After the event, the party will continue at the Arena until we finally say goodbye when the venue closes.

If you want to immerse yourself in the local culture and experience GDL's nightlife beyond commercial and mainstream settings, this tour is for you.

This tour is aimed at people over 18 years old. During the visit to the Arena, alcoholic beverages are consumed, bad words are shouted, and the atmosphere in the stands is as festive as it is competitive. It is not recommended for sensitive individuals or those with mobility issues.

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